10/12/2021 (/w Jump ‘n’ Jive) @Orfeas
07/02/2020 Blues Festival 2020 @The Crow
04/01/2020 acoustic @Resalto (Συκιά Κορινθίας)
13/12/19 Wild West X-Mas Festival @The Ranch (Σοφικό Κορινθίας)
09/11/2019 (/w Jump ‘n’ Jive) @Orfeas
02/11/19 @dada cafe bar (Άρτα)
01/11/19 @Πλεκτήριο (Ναύπλιο)
06/04/19 (acoustic) @Silver Spurs
22/3/2019 (/w Jump ‘n’ Jive) @Orfeas
25/1/19 Φεστιβάλ Αντίθεσης @Black Box
8/12/18 Wild West X-Mas Festival @The Ranch (Σοφικό Κορινθίας)
23/11/2018 Blues Festival vol 4 @The Crow Club
16/09/2018 Lindy Athens Exchange @Summer Time Beach Bar (Ψάθα)
27/6/2018 (/w Jitterbugs) @Beer Academy
29/4/2018 Learn to Blues Dance @Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
08/03/2018 Blues Festival vol 3 @Bourbon
17//02/2018 Party Masque @The Big Jam Theory
13/01/2018 @Candela
23/12/2017 /w Swing Shoes @ΙΛΙΟΝ Plus
02/12/2017 @The Big Jam Theory
21/10/2017 (/w Migloko & Λιθουανική κοινότητα Ελλάδος) @Rockwood
07/10/2017 @The Big Jam Theory
21/06/2017 @Beer Academy
10/06/2017 @The Big Jam Theory
06/04/2017 @The Zoo
10/12/2016 @Intro Art Cafe (Ξυλόκαστρο)
19/11/2016 (/w Athens Swing Cats) @Jazz Point
18/11/2016 @To Patari
27/08/2016 Ziria Music Festival @Ziria
10/06/2016 @The Big Jam Theory
27/05/2016 Blues for Peace Festival @Modu
16/04/2016 @Blue Bar
10/03/2016 (/w Limpin’ Express & Dog Beat) @Six Dogs
02/01/2016 Blues to the Bone Festival -Tribute to B.B. King @Methodia
20/02/2015 /w Daddy’s Work Blues Band @Half Note
17/01/2015 A Night For the Ramones Festival @Kyttaro
27/03/2015 /w Hungry Dukes @Rockwood
22/11/2014 @Rockwood